About us

 We traveled to many countries along the old silk road to discover traditional craftsmanship and high quality handwork in textiles that were shaped by history of trade and the contribution of the different cultures that met there.

 Nowadays industrialization is everywhere and day by day traditional handwork is getting lost in many countries. We are searching for these forgotten skills and craftsmanship.
 We believe their is a growing desire for consumers to find emotional attachment to these textile products. We seek to bring classic designs of handmade textiles that are unique may reveal small irregularity inherent to traditional fabrication contrasting with industrialized reproduction. We believe in the nostalgia of charming timeless designs brought to us by people who are keeping traditions and skills alive.
 We want to be part of this and bring to you high quality and refined products. We hope you will love the experience and the feel of the handmade scarves we selected with great care for you.