Blue fine wool shawl with embroideries and elegant details for a fancy bohemian style - Marie-Pierre Rousseau
 Paisleys embroidered stole made with fine wool and shining details. Splendid artwork on a warm soft woolen fabric. Perfect colourful shawl to look stunning - Marie-Pierre Rousseau
Embroidered soft woolen shawl, an amazing gift idea from child to mother - Marie-Pierre Rousseau
Details of high-end embroidery for the bohemian look. Boho chic shawl for outdoor - Marie-Pierre Rousseau

Paisley Embroidered Shawl with Glimmer Embellishment in Royal Blue

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Unique classic paisley pattern with embellishments to add extra flair

Delicately layered glimmer embellishment pairs with a classic wool paisley design in this chic fine wool shawl in royal blue. It is the perfect finishing touch for a classy look on a chilly day or night.

Composition : 100% fine wool
Size: 200 x 70 cm or 80 x 28 inches
Care: Dry cleaning

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